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FAUBOURG DU COMMERCE and SEQUABAT hand over the new lidl store in Choisy le Roi (Val de Marne)

FAUBOURG DU COMMERCE, the commercial property developer and SEQUABAT, designer and builder, which are both subsidiaries of the Idec Group, joined together and successfully completed the LIDL store in Choisy Le Roi (Val de Marne).

The Lidl brand, already present in the Choisy-le-Roi area, was looking for land near its first store which was suitable for the construction of a new store concept with many parking spaces.

Lidl was attracted to land developed by FAUBOURG DU COMMERCE, ideally located in Choisy-le-Roi in a main artery with a lot of traffic and close to a residential area on the banks of the Seine. With all the official permits in place (planning permission and commercial property permit), FAUBOURG DU COMMERCE adapted the project to the requirements of Lidl to suit this new store concept.

This new LIDL store with a sales area of 1600 m², was built by SEQUABAT and handed over a month before the deadline. Find out more about Faubourg du Commerce and Sequabat. Please contact us if you require any additional information or to discuss any projects.

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